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    For many years the ASPCS (American Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Slaves)  has been lobbying for the castration of slaves to become illegal.  They cite the “cruel and unusual punishments” provisions of the Constitution, but the lawyers for the ASSO (American Slave Owners’ Society) have always argued that the Constitution applies only to free men, not animals; and that owners need to retain the right to castrate slaves as one of the punishments in their armory to help prevent any possible slave insurrections (and they in turn cite “Spartacus”!).  The issue of religious freedom also comes in to play, with many Arab and Eastern owners superstitiously believing that their women will become “unclean” if a male slave who is sexually whole is exposed to them.

    Some progress is however being made.  The ASPCS scored an initial victory in Maryland where the State senate decided that whilst it might be unconstitutional to prevent an owner doing whatever he liked to his property, there was no problem in laying down sensible rules for how this should be done - they cited as a precedent the right to own a car or pony trap, but that drivers needed to follow the rules of the road.  This idea quickly spread to the majority of the slave-holding states, and now there is a well-established set of guidelines for slave castration.

    We see here the generally approved castration implements - they are all “banders” to allow a tight rubber ring to be stretched wide and then released to squeeze the ligaments and blood supply at the top of the slave’s sac.  Whilst it is not without a little initial pain, after a few hours the slave loses all sensation from its balls, which eventually atrophy and wither away.  There are some advantages for owners too - “cutting” can lead to death and the loss of a valuable asset, chemical means can lead to the slave’s body becoming unsightly (hormone-induced growth of the male breasts, for example), whereas banding is almost completely safe.

    Truly society is becoming more humane and caring, when such enlightened methods of treating slaves are becoming the norm. 

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    Another cosy stable. Sardax apparently loves this theme.

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